Bible readings

Be bold

      “Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers and read it; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the LORD and spread it before the LORD.”  2 Kings 19:14 (ESV)

      I struggle with going to God first, I try to fix the problem myself. It is not until after I get overwhelmed that I seek God.  I don’t want to bother God with the little things I go through. God wants all of me, but it’s never enough when I pick and choose what pieces to give. When I continue to give only bits of myself, I miss out on the opportunity to watch God work.

    How amazing that Hezekiah knew God enough to walk right up to Him, and lay his worries before the creator of the universe.  Hezekiah knew who God was, so he didn’t waste time worrying, he went right to the source.  “He trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel… For he held fast to the Lord. He did not depart from following him, but kept the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses.” (2 Kings 18: 5-6, ESV)

     As a mama, I think about what I am or am not doing, and how I could cause my children to run away from God. I become overwhelmed with fear, that it paralyzes me in my parenting. I want (so badly) to make the right choice, that I stop making choices altogether. I am learning that I must go to God, lay out the burden, and ask Him to fight on my behalf.

    At times, I hold off on asking for God’s help until I’m overwhelmed and scared. I need to respond by bringing Him my problems, and asking for His guidance.  He is the God of the universe; yet He cares about each of us individually. That means He cares more for my children than I ever could, and I take great comfort in that. God brought these babies into the world, and I need to trust that He has a plan for their lives. I pray that God’s grace will cover my mistakes as a parent, and trust that He will work His plans through and despite the choices I make.

    We need to have a relationship with God, getting to know Him through His word, holding truth in our hearts.  So that when life gets hard and the enemy is at work in our lives, we can be bold like Hezekiah because we also know who the real King is.  Hezekiah knew how strong the King of Assyria was, he was aware of how big the armies were; but he also knew how big God is.  I believe in that same God, and have the right to show the same boldness as Hezekiah by asking God to fight on my behalf.

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